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3 type of bride makeup

&Nbsp;   1, cute-quiet cute quiet bride more introverted, few words and tones and soft, between gestures have a gentle and romantic temperament. Therefore, the make-up to foil in romantic pink temperament, pink, baby blue, pink and green, gently apply a tint to it.
&Nbsp;   2, lively fashion-lively and stylish bride came to have a brilliant surprise four effect, was filled with vibrant and contemporary, bright smile will infect everyone, its color to bright bold makeup, styling emphasizes the popular movement and natural style, red lips and light purple shading is latest attempt.
&Nbsp;   3, classic elegant classical bride, eyes contains classical, manners and decent, elegant calm, talk and laugh, look around charmingly. Makeup requires a harmonious sound, color is close to the color of Brown, not too publicized, but outlines such as eyeliner, lip liner to highlight the old atmosphere.