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Bridal makeup four attention

&Nbsp;   makeup skills, I believe that MM has a certain experience. How should wedding day makeup? Come learn bridal makeup of the four elements.
&Nbsp;   factors: correct this factor refers to the makeup of the parts with color and express must correct, to follow some basic principles of makeup, each stroke or even if you are well, every color paint is fine, but could not take off or vulgar sense of color or an eyesore. For example: when thrush, you know eyebrows right height, angle, painted at the beginning of the basic principles, usually starting position and the inner corner of the eyebrows should be consistent, "San Ting Wu yan" said "five eyes", that is, between the two eyebrows can bring the eye down. If you do not understand this principle, frowns beyond the inner corner, between the eyebrows too short a distance, people will be depressed and eyebrow or two shorter than the inner corner, eyebrows distance is too wide and one is dull.
&Nbsp;   element two: accurate and accurately emphasize your makeup skills, write to skilled, to be able to accurately make up theoretical principles in individual get accurate performance. For example: lip well must not be simply from the size and thickness and shape of evaluation, you must also learn how to fit your face shape and temperament, and know you are going to attend the occasions and designed.
&Nbsp;   elements: delicate and exquisite is the need for long-term training and polished, refined are women qualities are a form of representation. In fact, relative to the makeup of the other three elements, delicate and is most easily reached by, you have to do is practice and perseverance. When you have very nice good lipstick, lip lines have a smooth and clear outline, you will find the added quality and taste a lot.
&Nbsp;   four elements: harmony parts of makeup in the style, color, harmonious. Such as eyebrow if soft, lips should be soft and eye shadows are cool, lipstick should also be as cool colors. Facial is a facial features are more concentrated, Visual response is a strong visual focus, conflict and disharmony on the makeup woman's taste watered down. While makeup and hairstyle, clothing, accessories, such as the overall image of harmony.