Wedding etiquette
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The choice of wedding banquet

&Nbsp;   folk had "no party means no marriage, no wine will not marry women" argument, wedding menu there is an art, if you are preparing a Chinese-style wedding, must not overlook the menu component, culture, customs and habits are interspersed among them.
&Nbsp;   number of dishes should be numbered in the number of wedding dishes usually with eight dishes symbolizing fortune, ten dishes perfect symbol to 12 dishes happy month. Popular in the South, "88 big seats," seats made up of eight cold dish, eight hot dishes. And the wedding day is usually selected during the two-month initial 88 or 18, 28, and dark buckle ", not eight or eight plus eight, and hair on" auspicious.
&Nbsp;   named for auspicious dishes mainly to hopes the couple's wishes, atmosphere, cheerful guests. For example: Pearl double shrimp we can take orders for "wing", milk soup fish balls we can named "sex dependence" jujube longan and Lotus seed and peanut soup we can named "early birth". Wedding dish if is in color, material, taste in pairs we usually named after Mandarin Duck: duck fillets, duck chicken NAO, Mandarin Duck and crisp to place new harmonious and happy wishes.
&Nbsp;   food taboos in traditional wedding dish of raw materials raw materials are generally chicken, fish, a symbol of good fortune and festive, abundance, and generally as the finale dish on the table. Banquet dessert main raw materials are in jujube, peanuts, longan, Lotus seeds and so on, mainly its homonym, blessing the couple early birth of a healthy baby. Traditional wedding is of course "red" wedding in most of the dishes are dominated by red tone, often with "sauces, such as red, Brown, Orange, Carmine", to bring festive feeling.