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Wedding bride look elegant way

&Nbsp;   has now more and more brides are choosing pale makeup and even nude makeup, because the makeup of the era is over, and a pale makeup can make you more energetic and charismatic model red snow today to show you, elegant makeup as you can as the Lotus.
&Nbsp;   1, foundations may choose the best lightweight BB cream or nourishing Foundation best applied with a foundation brush.
&Nbsp;   2, liquid or cream blusher, cheek position of shading, and then gently put a layer of loose powder makeup, best to use the large brush on powder.
&Nbsp;   3, with light pink eye shadow or light brown eye shadow from the outside in, from shallow to deep eye sockets.
&Nbsp;   4, selection of eye liner, not under the recommendation of eyeliner, select root of clear mascara to lashes.
&Nbsp;   5, finally, forehead, upper cheeks, nose, Chin, slightly high.
&Nbsp;   a bride nude makeup was completed in the summer, what did you learn?

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