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Wedding planners most is wedding arrangement

&Nbsp;   stage was a key component of the wedding, so a fine staging will make your wedding more for less. On the staging, you can start from the following.
&Nbsp;   background first said said stage background, this General sets Department are is yarn mantle layout home flowers dotted, certainly also has LED flashing layout, addition can according to new of preferences select is wedding brand or is with new photos, which new photos recently compared by welcomes, should is because theme wedding of rise's, but we think this photos if not do of very big, hanging in above guests are also see missing, Instead of the big wedding cards have the effect, so just chose beautiful wedding cards, photo is to show the guests are more likely to see the place. The color of the background, wanted white with pink color, heavy use of veils, making that feeling of romance and fantasy, and people standing on the stage because the color more lively, photograph what effect might have been better, not very dark.
&Nbsp;   spent art stage Shang spent art actually also many, like in stage background front will with to spent, in Champagne Tower of table front, and cake Tower either is candlestick, also has ignition rod and so on place will with to spent of layout, said with spent certainly on has flowers and silk flower, with flowers certainly spent on will increases, and we I hope put more of budget and flowers left guest table, because are is guests do of, I hope they can see guest table Shang with of are is flowers to increased himself site layout of effect , And for stage also because guests away from of is far, rarely will on to see, so I wants to for these place on with compared new of silk flower on can has, just like champagne Tower of table front of which some some spent, just face Auditorium that on with flowers layout good has, such guests see has also on means stage Shang are is flowers has, and video took down also very looks hehe.
&Nbsp;   lighting for stage, must ask is light, is used in the background of the stage, according to produce some effects on the gauze curtain, the other half will also provide background LED wedding lights blink, if the audience is dark looks better, of course, the Department has, so I won't refuse it hehe. Do and lamps in order to heighten the effect of background, of course, and I think as white and pink veils will be very good.
&Nbsp;   addition stage ahead may hope to added several Taiwan computer shook his head, now computer shook his head has do of very good, not only has color changes, and can in background yarn mantle Shang made many effect, so on no to again select Chrysanthemum lamp has, and select computer shook his head, not only in stage Shang can with, especially opening of when, new from ceremony Pavilion after road introduction to stage, if can tie computer shook his head lamp using words also very of Rod Oh, So in front of the stage and a few moving head is still very good.
&Nbsp;   other machine as other machine did, may on need a bubble bubble machine, in pour champagne and cut cake of when manufacturing some atmosphere, wants to what to smoke machine, and dry ice machine on forget, yilai price somewhat high, put budget province down to for flowers, another did is because himself of wedding ceremony in the no necessary using to these effect, so I wants to from himself of style Shang consider also on not need has hehe.
&Nbsp;   considerations for stage stage both that they built themselves and the hotel in General, should be to achieve security, prison is not secure, will not too much vibration checks, because after champagne and holders and almost everything on it, if shaken too much can be dangerous.
&Nbsp;   many people now use Champagne is treated inside containing some fluorescent substances, it should be noted that often these things are harmful, do not let the guests, especially the children placed in the mouth, it would be best to use an ordinary champagne in advance and nonferrous dry ice, which is processed can be eaten directly, so that you can avoid danger.
&Nbsp;   and decorations on the stage does not recommend too much, otherwise it will be very busy, after all, the real hero or is new and of course parents, so somebody more room for those of us, is the best, for those items in one corner is enough.