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Wedding seating arrangements

&Nbsp;   wedding, a guest age diversity, how to make people live more enjoyable seating arrangement is the most important! Wedding Planner to answer new questions on wedding seating arrangements of a variety of frequently asked questions to ensure that your wedding, everyone have fun with the new!
&Nbsp;   a Grand wedding, romantic scenes, rich and delicious dishes, there are today bright lead: bride and groom under this nice do you pay attention to the seat's exciting;? Does it matter? Of course important! Seems to be the easiest part of mysterious but very much. How to design an all round for the guests and a comfortable seat? Planner immediately answered for the couples, full address wedding seating arrangements; dead ends and problems.
    1.; Guest number above the original estimates, if not fully prepared, when should I do it?
&Nbsp;   best is ready to spare Chair prior to the wedding, and at least two to three tables at the wedding scene. If you set a place card wedding, some seating cards guest names is pre-printed, also kept a number of empty seats, once the card is not ready to seat the guests arrived, just empty the temporary write guest's name on the card. If the number exceeds too much, you can consider renting a lounge and let the rest of the guests to lounge, wedding scene arrangement and invited to come again.
&Nbsp;   2. how guest row, there is no absolute rule is right or wrong. But there are still some basic principles is the need for new knew. Classic round table row of seats is, the bride and groom must be on the table in front of all the guests.
&Nbsp;   3. sitting for the couple's parents and who was very important, especially when you choose the table so when Western-style law. Output is suitable for small intimate weddings, friends, relatives of the couple together, in this case, insert your friends know each other very well carry is very important.
&Nbsp;   4. guests want to sit away from rookie closer, what should I do?
&Nbsp;   actually, there is one simple way is to set up the two had become tables, so that the couple can have lots of friends, and two had become tables better, had become tables are new parents and elders, and another had become tables can arrange some new and close friends, so you can well coordinate guest.
&Nbsp;   5. couple the best people is also a wedding at the same table, so definitely a topic link to each other. To avoid a person to attend the wedding and a group of familiar people together, it is easy to the exclusion of the non-circle effect.
&Nbsp;   6. seating arrangements should be divided into 3 groups to prepare for: new parents, parents of the bride and groom.
&Nbsp;   each group meet their friends or relatives, so to avoid strangers. Arrangements with some unknown young and single, in a romantic wedding reception environment is also a good chance to make friends.
&Nbsp;   7. no intersection of guest, how row seat does this principles actually everyone is easy thought, if is in offsite separate a a people was invited to participate in new of wedding, can arrangements in marries table, if is University of students, can arrangements in students table, guests each other Zhijian can on; students times of new can arrangements in students table, guests each other Zhijian can on; students times of new topic has must of communication, such guests on not is alone has.
&Nbsp;   8. when it encounters a couple's parents divorced; in fact, in such cases, it is best to seek their views before the wedding, if the parents have respectively formed new families, that should be considered in existing domestic order to arrange the seats, can not only play your cards right, and can also add happiness.
&Nbsp;   want to let parents attend a different table when toasting in the wedding couple can take care of both sides, so as to avoid embarrassment. If toasting of divorced parents take care of the two sides, so as to avoid embarrassment. If it is only one of the divorced parents marry, that can arrange the other spouse and the couple sitting together, or arrangement and the other party Elders sit together, topic, avoid too lonely.