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The wedding process
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The wedding process
&Nbsp;   open class:
&Nbsp;   recommends:
&Nbsp;   I prefer to use children's opening, because of high demand, many opening is the atmosphere! But point wedding props and the number of guests has an impact, sometimes level enough, opening the whole too much anti-not ideal! So I like children's opening, first attracted people, followed before he started hosting guests smile smile! Mood lift!
&Nbsp;   recommendation II:
&Nbsp;   try not to use someone's recorded music at the beginning, is that there are other people sound, or behind the voice, your voice changed points! Get some good music! Better behind the scenes, saying opening words, can also be time; characters; locations; stories, and go! And her voice can and came to unity! Don't call Gold Medal ceremonies when their slogan shouted out! The following guests of our requirements are high! Called the wedding a special MC XXX debut! Actually very good!
&Nbsp;   recommendation:
&Nbsp;   came on, first 3-5 seconds after standing in the best talk! Play everybody's attention on your height! Appearance and dress, standing rear sight surround guests in a circle saying the opening words of the Hall.